How to stop annoying High Sierra upgrade prompts in macOS

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At 3:28PM ET I made a discovery that will change humanity for the better. Okay, maybe not humanity, but it will certainly make my life better. I’m using a 2015 MacBook Pro. I bought it last fall because I needed a new computer, and because I need to plug things in all the time, I Read More

Top 10 Video Editing Applications for Android

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Video editing applications are applications that require powerful hardware and specific requirements to run efficiently. Computers typically require a large amount of RAM and storage space with a powerful processor of course. Either their potential on phones may be somewhat difficult. Of phones do not have the specifications that make them bear video editing applications Read More

What to do when you see green dots on your PlayStation 4 screen

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One of the cases seen on 19459005 PlayStation 4 Sometimes green dots are scattered across the screen, If you are having this problem with a device PlayStation 4 Here are some things you can do. The owners of PlayStation 4 may have several problems, the main cause of which is HDMI cable, and the solution Read More

Transcend unveils 8GB JetJet storage disk for Mac

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Transcend specialized in the development of high-end storage products, multimedia and industrial products, today launched the new JetDrive 825 SSD, which contains Thunderbolt and PCIe interfaces for Mac devices. The 825 Jet is based on the new PCIe SSD memory card, which was recently introduced on the Jet 820, with 3D NAND flash technology and Read More

Wireless earbuds have gotten really good — if they fit in your ears

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Sometime in the past two years, wire-free earbuds graduated from clumsy to impressively good, and from not quite worth it to the only pair I wear. Apple deserves a lot of credit for this: it managed to get people to wear what look like short cigarette sticks in their ears in exchange for a completely Read More

Intel partners with Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Lenovo to make 5G laptops

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By the end of next year, you might be able to buy a laptop that comes with a 5G cellular connection. At least that’s what Intel says will happen, thanks to a collaboration with Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Those four companies are supposed to be working toward creating PCs with built-in 5G connections that’ll Read More